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The Eras & Errors of PARENTHOOD podcast

with Registered Play Therapists and owners of Love Play Grow, Christina Eromenok & Kerri Adams

In the this podcast, we dive deep into the intricacies of family dynamics, parenting, and the ever-evolving journey of personal growth.

Join us as we explore the insightful words that have the power to transform families. As the hosts, we’ve made it our mission to articulate the unspoken, to become the missing words for families seeking connection and positive change. In every episode, we aim to bring joy back to parenting by shedding light on the keys to building a healthier family system.

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Conversations that go beyond conventional parenting advice


Deep dives into the realms of emotions, relationships, and personal growth


How the inevitable errors and missteps that occur in parenting can be valuable opportunities for learning and growth

Whether you’re a new parent, a seasoned caregiver, or someone simply curious about the world of parenting, the Eras and Errors of Parenthood podcast explore the eras of family life and navigate through the errors, all while striving for growth, understanding, and a happier family dynamic.

about your hosts

The Era & Errors of Parenthood podcast hosts, Kerri Adams, LPC, RPT and Christina Eromenok, LCSW, RPT founded Love Play Grow, from their shared vision to revolutionize family systems and well-being.

Inspired by decades of experience in professional counseling and play therapy, the duo envisioned a Play Therapy and Professional Counseling boutique that provides high-quality mental health care rooted in play, science, compassion, and love for kids, teens and adolescents, adults, and families across the lifespan.

Love Play Grow’s mission is dedicated to embracing uniqueness, celebrating individuality, and nurturing self-discovery and personal growth at every stage of life.

Kerri and Christina envision a future where every family they touch is equipped with the tools for a thriving life journey because they believe strong families yield great outcomes. Love Play Grow is where love and play, nurture growth, together, through every stage of life.

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