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Kerri & Christina have the gift of captivating an audience with highly actionable stories that lead and inspire with their experience, joy, wit, and authenticity.

Kerri & Christina Are the Real Deal

With over 25+ years of combined experience as Child and Family Therapists, Registered Play Therapists, and Child Development and Parenting Experts, Kerri and Christina offer invaluable insights and practical strategies that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and eras.

Leveraging the experience of co-hosting the popular podcast, the Eras & Errors of Parenthood, being voted top play therapists, and trusted by hundreds of families to help enrich their lives with the skills they need to love, play and grow into their best selves, Kerri and Christina create a real connection with every audience, and bring a unique blend of expertise and authenticity to their speaking events.

Their number one goal in speaking is to inspire and empower their audience, providing practical strategies and insights that promote growth and well-being in families and communities. They share in the same belief that strong families yield great outcomes.

“Parenting is not about perfection; it’s about embracing the eras, learning from the errors, and celebrating the journey of growth alongside our children. In a village of shared experiences, we find strength, support, and the joy that comes from imperfectly perfect moments.”

— Kerri & Christina, Co-Owners of Love Play Grow


01 / Bringing Joy to Parenting

A discussion on cultivating joy and resilience in parenting, navigating the ups and downs with grace and humor.

02 / Navigating the Eras & Errors of Parenthood

Explores the diverse experiences of parenthood, from the challenges to the triumphs, and embracing the journey with compassion and understanding.

03 / Understanding Child Development Through the Eras

Diving into the stages of child development, from infancy to adolescence, and providing insights on how to support children’s growth and well-being at each stage.

Kerri and Christina use an interactive speaking style — using anecdotes, stories, practical strategies, and real-world tools to take their audience on an authentic journey that resonates long after the event ends.

Their speaking topics revolve around the joy and challenges of parenting, the journey through the eras and errors of parenthood, and understanding child development across different stages.

With insights drawn from their experience and expertise, they offer engaging discussions tailored for parents, families, educators, and professionals alike.

Kerri and Christina are available for keynote presentations, workshops, panel discussions, Q&A style live events, webinars, conferences, educational talks in schools, or a customized presentation tailored to your specific audience needs or event. Will your audience be next?

professional bio / Interview bio

Love Play Grow was founded by Kerri Adams, LPC, RPT, and Christina Eromenok, LCSW, RPT from their shared vision to revolutionize family systems and well-being.

Inspired by decades of experience in professional counseling and play therapy, the duo envisioned a Play Therapy and Professional Counseling boutique that provides high-quality mental health care rooted in play, science, compassion, and love for kids, teens and adolescents, adults, and families across the lifespan.

Love Play Grow is more than a Play Therapy and Professional Counseling boutique; it’s a vibrant community dedicated to embracing uniqueness, celebrating individuality, and nurturing self-discovery and personal growth at every stage of life.

Kerri and Christina envision a future where every family they touch is equipped with the tools for a thriving life journey because they believe strong families yield great outcomes. Love Play Grow is where love and play, nurture growth, together, through every stage of life.

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Kerri Adams & Christina Eromenok

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