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Reshape How Kids, Teens, & Families Flourish

At Love Play Grow, we believe in reshaping the way the world nurtures growth and well-being. Our mission is to transform lives through a commitment to self-discovery and personal growth, starting with children, teens, adolescents, and families. If you’re passionate about holistic play therapy, professional counseling, and making a meaningful impact on individuals and families, explore our career opportunities.

We live our MISSION.

We are DEDICATED to TRANSFORMING CHILDREN & FAMILIES LIVES through a commitment to self-discovery and personal growth.

We encourage professional growth as a therapist and prioritize team culture and growth as a company.

Out-of-Network Play Therapy & Professional Counseling Boutique

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Love Play Grow was founded by Kerri Adams, LPC, RPT and Christina Eromenok, LCSW, RPT from their shared vision to revolutionize family systems and well-being.

Simply put, Love Play Grow is where love and play nurture growth, together, through every stage of life. Because growth should be the coolest adventure.

We are a team of highly educated and experienced practitioners, who will guide our clients towards their unique goals. Our services are tailored to their needs, and include a wide variety of methods that go beyond “just talking”.

Love Play Grow is more than a Play Therapy and Professional Counseling boutique; it’s a vibrant community dedicated to embracing uniqueness, celebrating individuality, and nurturing self-discovery and personal growth at every stage of life.

Love Play Grow’s Core Values

|  L.I.F.E.  |

At Love Play Grow, we embody our commitment to well-being, growth, and connection through our operating core values: L.I.F.E.

Lifelong Well-Being

Nurturing well-being throughout every stage of life.

Individual Growth

Fostering continuous personal growth.

Family Connection

Building and maintaining strong family connections.

Embracing Every Age/Stage

Celebrating and embracing every stage of life.

L.I.F.E. is our guiding compass, fostering a nurturing environment where individuals and families thrive in self-discovery and personal growth at every stage of life. For us, growth isn’t just a journey; it’s the coolest adventure, and every family deserves to experience it to the fullest.

What We Stand For

Play Unleashed

Unique Journeys

Cherished Quirks

Celebrate Individuality

Thriving Together

Playful Discoveries

Life at love play grow

Our Perks

The perks of working in a private practice include consistent quality supervision, substantially less paperwork then is required in other mental health practices, and the ability to make positive changes in children, teens and adolescents, and families.

Flexible Schedules

Enjoy the freedom and work-life balance, allowing you to tailor your work hours to best suit your lifestyle.


Supervision is taken seriously and given on a regular basis by a supervisor who is invested in your growth. 

Office Space

 Collaborative and inspiring office space for creativity, play therapy, and teamwork.

CEU Reimbursement

Yearly credit towards your CEU’s 

Referral System

Work with a consistent flow of clients, individuals and families seeking our holistic play therapy and professional counseling services.

Team Support

Ongoing support and commrodery, you never feel alone – always part of the team

Interested in Joining Love Play Grow?

Open Positions

Embark on a rewarding career at Love Play Grow, where every role contributes to reshaping the well-being of kids, teens, and families. Join our dynamic team, dedicated to transforming lives through holistic play therapy and professional counseling.

At Love Play Grow, your position isn’t just a job—it’s an opportunity to be part of a team committed to celebrating individuality, nurturing self-discovery, and making growth the coolest adventure for everyone. Explore our open positions and expand your future with Love Play Grow.